Presentations for downloading

Monday June 28 - Connecting with Others

Plenary session

“Connecting with Others” Turning Data into Knowledge and Action – straw into gold?
(1,62 Mo)
Pat Martens

Creating "communicating communities" for public health
(3,88 Mo)
Dean Kriellars

Tuesday June 29 - Connecting with Evidence

Plenary session

Connecting Population & Public Health with Evidence
(696 Ko)
Ivy Bourgeault

Relational Knowledge Transfer Decolonizing relationships in preventive health care
(64,4 Ko)
Dawn Smith

PHIRNET-NCC Concurrent Workshops

Ways of using evidence - A fireside chat
(951 Ko)
François-Pierre Gauvin

Unpacking context: What do we mean when we say ‘Culture' is a determinant of health?
(295 Ko)
Verlé Harrop

Me in Three: Health and Well-being as considered by a Human Geographer, an Indigenous Social Determinants of
Health Researcher, and a Member of a Faculty of Medicine
(1,03 Mo)
Sarah de Leeuw

NCCPH Concurrent Workshops

Applying Methods and Tools for Evidence-Informed Public Health
(1,36 Mo)
Donna Ciliska

Understanding Media Communications: The Encoding / Decoding Approach
(486 Ko)
Val Morisson

Wednesday June 30 - Connecting to Action

NCCPH Concurent Workshops

What is outreach?
(109 Ko)
Elsabé du Plessis

Outreach Planning Guide
(138 Ko)
Margaret Fast

“Flirting” with a Conceptual Model for Outreach
(589 Ko)
Alexandra Henteleff

Using Comparative Analysis as a Tool for Evidence-Based Policy
(940 Ko)
Karen Rideout
Christina Chociolko
Mona Shum
Tim Lambert

Creating Change for Inuit Child Health - A Nunavut Community Profile
(2,1 Mo)
Shirley Tagalik

Plenary session

Public and population health: Evidence, action, and ethics
(1,28 Mo)
Jason Scott Roberts